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About Just LEDS

Just LEDs was Founded in 2010 by Peter Lewis who at the time was looking for unique product to enhance his service offerings.

Peter Spend many hours learing about the addressable LEDs which could allow him to do anything.

Starting off on a small scale importing some products, Peter soon learnt that buying Cheap was not the best way in the LED market. Peter had to find a manufacturer that would custom build parts to his specifiction.

Supplying product to night clubs initially, Peter had found suppliers were mixing LED beads from different batches and if an RGB 5050 LED strip was switched onto WHITE, you could see a different shade of white at each LED. Individual colurs were perfect (According to the eye) but when Mixed, problems could be seen.

LED Strip with Silicon Glue just on the TOP was not Good, In the coastal regions the PCB that was exposed would corrode afer a few months and the solution was using LED strips with a Silicon Sheath all around the strip.

According to some manufacturers, you can just join multiple 5m lengths of strips together which again will work in the short term. Each 5050 RGB LED is 1/4W which is 72W per 5m with all colours on full brightness. When this is run off 12v, the Current will be 6A. The tiny/ thin copper on the PCB of these strip cannot handle much more than 6A. Running 12A through this strip will again destroy the strip after a few months. RGB amplifiers are the solution here.

When is comes to addressable LEDs where timing and clean signal are of utmost importance, JUST LEDs have the solutions.

Many of these tips and tricks have been learnt over the years and passed onto our customers.

90% of sales and pre-sales is done by Peter Lewis directly to make sure that you are getting the best solution for your requirement.    
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